GDAS Signs Another Two Agreements on Cooperation with The University of Birmingham, UK

2021-03-12 L  M  S 】

On October 23rd, the fifth working meeting on Guangzhou-Birmingham cooperation is held by the cooperation steering committee. The two sides reviewed the progress and effectiveness of the implementation under the existed cooperation framework agreements, and issued the Economic Impact Report on Cooperation between the University of Birmingham and Guangzhou completed by the third party. They renewed the cooperation framework agreements and held the signing ceremony of the 2019 Guangzhou-Birmingham cooperation projects; two projects among the new agreements are made between GDAS and the University of Birmingham. 


The Guangzhou Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center, jointly established by GDAS and the University of Birmingham, is one of the major research cooperation platforms. On the basis of the cooperation progress, ZHOU Zhouyu, vice president of GDAS, introduced the current situation, the achievements and development plan of the cooperation, and on behalf of GDAS signed two cooperation agreements with the University of Birmingham. 


Since 2012, GDAS and the University of Birmingham have jointly launched more than ten research projects in various fields such as 3D printing, surface engineering, welding technology, material preparation and processing technology. In addition, both sides have carried out postgraduate education and training to support the innovation and development of advanced manufacturing industry in Guangzhou. 


Signing agreement


Group photo of the event

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