GDAS-National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Directors' Forum Is Held Successfully

2021-02-04 L  M  S 】

On August 8th, the GDAS-National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) Directors' Forum, organized by the GDAS and the Foshan government, was held in Foshan. Academician Sergei Chizhik, first vice-president of the Presidency of NASB, LIAO Bing, president of GDAS; Leonid Batyanovsky, consul general of the Consulate General of Belarus in Guangzhou, CAI Jiahua, Foshan first deputy mayor, WEN Zewei, former director of Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province attended the forum and delivered speeches. Both Sergei Chizhik and WU Qingping, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered keynote speeches. The opening ceremony was hosted by LI Dingqiang, vice president of GDAS. 


LIAO expressed that GDAS has been fully participating in the construction of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, so as to motivate exchanges, collaboration and innovation along with internationally renowned research institutions and universities. As the highest academic institution in Belarus, NASB boasts strong research strengths; consequently, promoting comprehensive cooperation with it is a key focus for GDAS’s international technological cooperation. He hoped that this forum would build up a platform for dialogues and in-depth exchanges for technology innovation, incubation, commercialization as well as for industrial education, and realize multiple levels of comprehensive cooperation. Besides, it is likely that the forum could further strengthen communications and exchanges between research institutes and enterprises to jointly promote collaboration in research and development, technology incubation and achievement shares in key areas such as new materials, information technology, bio-medicine, and farm ecology. 


CAI said that the forum is an ideological feast to promote scientific and technological innovation as well as city development. Foshan, with its strong manufacturing foundation and unique location, is actively grasping opportunities to construct the Belt and Road as well as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and striving to innovate in the mode of "world technology + Foshan smart creation + global market". Foshan not only has urgent demand to strengthen innovation based on science and technology, but also can provide a suitable environment for all kinds of researchers, including Belarusian experts and scholars, to carry out inventions, innovation and entrepreneurship; thus, Foshan and NASB can well complement each other and develop the huge cooperation potential. 


WEN congratulated the opening of the Forum, and positivly responded to the practice of GDAS in establishing institutes and actively expanding international technological collaboration with countries along the Belt and Road. He expressed the wish that the forum could achieve fruitful results and contribute to deepening the collaboration of technological innovation between Guangdong and Belarus. 


Focusing on serving the strategic development of Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area, the forum discussed new models of scientific and technological innovation to support industrial development, international cooperation and sharing of achievements, so as to facilitate the technology innovation, incubation, and commercialization for the development. of Guangdong Province and the west bank of the Pearl River. In the forum, Sergei and WU made keynote speechs respectively on the international frontier researches on technology innovation. Sergei said that the NASB attached great importance to scientific and technological cooperation with Guangdong Province, and recently signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation with GDAS. As many institutes of GDAS have carried out in-depth researches in various aspects such as the ecological environment, polymer chemistry, new materials, natural resources, there has considerable potential for cooperation between GDAS and NASB; and, NASB also has interests in developing the cooperation with Foshan. WU emphasized that this forum has introduced many research resources from Belarus to Foshan and to Guangdong. In the field of bio-health and agricultural technology, GDAS and Belarus can have discussions about joint research on diabetes drugs, anti-tumor drugs, life security and organic agriculture. 


Directors and experts from 13 institutes of GDAS and from 12 institutes of NASB, had face-to-face communications on common concerns and interests of scientific and technological issues in the following sub-forums of bio-agriculture, resource environment, new materials and equipment manufacturing; and, cooperation plans on specific research areas are detailed addressed. 


Around 150 people attended the forum including YAN Guorong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of GDAS, LIU Min and ZHOU Zhouyu, vice president of GDAS, and GUO Jun, secretary of the Party Committee of GDAS Departments. Attendees also included representatives from Chancheng District, Foshan; Foshan Science and Technology Bureau, responded departments of GDAS,  Hengjian Holding and Pangang Group. 


  The Opening Ceremony

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