GDAS Promotion for Metallic Materials Technology held during 21st China High-tech Fair

2021-07-01 L  M  S 】

  On November 15th, the GDAS Promotion for Metallic Materials Technology was held during the 21st China High-tech Fair. 

  At the meeting, GDAS representatives of academician Zhou Kesong’s research team, academician Pan Fusheng’s research team, Institute of Rare Metals, Institute of Welding, Industrial Analysis and Test Center, and Institute of Materials and Processing gave presentations on key sci-tech achievements in metallic materials. The event was rich in content and received positive feedback from enterprise participants. There was also a free discussion session on the casting, welding, and surface treatment technologies among others of precious metal. 

  The tech promotion is first-of-its-kind to be held by GDAS during the China High-tech Fair and was attended by over 80 professionals from research institutes and enterprises. 

the activity

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